Welcome to SpotMySongs (Beta)

A converter from local playlist to Spotify. Make your music-collection portable! Get your playlists into Spotify.

Just add songs to your own textfile(NEW), a media-playlist(.m3u) or an iTunes-playlist(.txt), upload it and you will get a Spotify-playlist in return. Then drag the list into Spotify!

Made possible by the Spotify Metadata API, and the service does not save nor share your songs/playlists unless you choose to. It might take some time if you have a large playlist!

If you need help, please refer to the FAQs page.

UPDATE: SpotMySongs is no longer available, but there are some other tools that can help you convert your playlists from other services to Spotify.

  1. playlist-converter.net: Import your existing playlists from iTunes and other applications and services into Spotify. It supports spotify, youtube, deezer, plain text, M3U, PLS and more.
  2. Unify: Transfer music from iTunes to Spotify. Unify lets you drag and drop your playlists and albums into Spotify. Unify is built for speed. Transfer hundreds of playlists and albums in seconds.

Other Useful Websites and Apps: 1) Spotify Web Player, 2) Pandora for iPhone, 3) SpyBubble for iPhone and Android, 4) Highster Mobile for Android