Frequently Asked Questions

What can I upload?

The converter handles playlists in the form of .m3u(mediaplaylist) or .txt(iTunes or your own).

.txt(your own)

Simply create a new textfile in a texteditor(i.e. Notepad) and enter your songs. You must have a [tab](not the actual letters [tab] but the key above your Caps-Lock) between each coloumn
Foo fighters[tab]Let it die
Johnny Cash[tab]Hurt

Now save your textfile as .txt and upload it to recieve it as a Spotify playlist!


In iTunes, simply rightclick on the playlist you want to convert and click Export. Save the file as a textfile(.txt) and upload it. Remember to look through your playlist and see if the Artist and Title is correct. Otherwise the converter will return an empty list. Its not easy finding Unknown Artist – Track 5.


Most mediaplayers, like Winamp, can make this filetype. You just add your music(mp3 wma etc) to the mediaplayer and saves the list as an .m3u. The syntax should look something like this:
#EXTINF:number,Artist Title
path/Artist Title.mp3
#EXTINF:number,Artist Title
path/Artist Title.mp3
#EXTINF:number,Artist Title
path/Artist Title.mp3

The important part here is the lines starting with #EXTINF. The Artist – Title on that line is what the converter uses to search Spotify for links, so it’s important that both artist and title is correct, or else the search will come back empty. This field is generated from the musicfiles ID3-tag, and most mediaplayers can edit this. So if your song appears like Unknown Artist – Track 5 in Winamp, you must edit this.

How many songs can the list contain?

The filesize of the playlist can not be over 40kb. You will get an error if you exceed this limit. This is because Spotify limits the amount of searches possible per second. This limit might be raised in time.

I only get a bunch of PHP-errors!

Well, we are still i beta, and many things can go wrong. Maybe there’s weird characters in your search. The Spotifyservers are also unstable and often return service temp down. You should try a couple more times before nuking the site 🙂 If theres still a problem we would very much like if you sent us the errors so we can take a look and maybe fix it. See contactinfo below.

Can anyone see/steal my playlist?

No, unless you choose the “share” option, everything is deleted from the server the moment you get your list. It’s completely safe.

How does it work?

The list you upload is torn apart and the script collects each artist and tracktitle. This is sent in a query, made possible by the Spotify Metadata API, to the Spotify-servers who returns, if found, an XML-file containing all information about the specific track. The script then collects the link to the song, and presents this in a list ready for your Spotify Client.

Does it cost anything?

No. It’s free and made possible by the great people at the Spotify Group.

Some of the songs are grey, and not clickable!

These are the songs that the converter didn’t find in the Spotify library. Probably because the artistname or titlename is wrong, or maybe it just doesn’t exist in Spotify yet.

What do I do if this FAQ didn’t help me?

Something still wrong? This converter is still in beta, so many things can go wrong. You can get more help from the creator: @alizm0
If you’re interested in how things work, or have questions about the code making it happen, please contact me.